No one knows what the metaverse will ultimately look like, but many companies have created versions of virtual worlds that you can join today. These platforms vary in the range of experiences they provide, but they typically offer VR immersion and some kind of digital economy in which you can participate.

With multiple metaverse platforms to choose from, you should evaluate each to determine what is best for you. You should also know the risks, however, related to account security and fraud in the metaverse. If you take the time to learn how the metaverse works, what equipment and costs are needed for access, and how to protect your personal information, then you can get started safely exploring it. Here are some of the existing metaverse platforms to choose from.


Already enormously popular with kids, Roblox has established an extensive online community with immersive 2D user-created environments, mini-games, and virtual events in a metaverse-like environment. As a game primarily marketed to children, Roblox values security and moderation on its platform, so it’s one of the safest metaverse options in this regard. To play Roblox, you only need to download the mobile app and sign up for an account.


One of the more popular versions of a decentralized metaverse environment, Decentraland is a VR platform built on blockchain technology. Its virtual world is made almost entirely of user-generated spaces and experiences that include games, shops and events.



Like Decentraland, The Sandbox is a blockchain-based metaverse that utilizes a creator community for most of its virtual experiences. The Sandbox also requires you to have a web browser and a crypto wallet to sign up for a user account.


This metaverse platform has a rapidly growing range of experiences that span gaming, trading, fashion and music. The Sandbox has even partnered with celebrities including Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton to host virtual concerts and parties. As for which platform ultimately grows to be the larger metaverse — The Sandbox or Decentraland — only time will tell.

Star Atlas

A space-themed game with a unique metaverse environment, Star Atlas is an emerging platform that promises immersive gameplay in an expansive virtual world. In this game, you can own a spaceship and items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn, and make purchases to grow your fleet. As with other metaverse platforms based on blockchain, you’ll need to connect a crypto wallet to make an account and start playing.


Another iteration of metaverse gaming, Illuvium is an open-world role-playing game based on a blockchain. The gameplay revolves around earning money, collecting NFT creatures, and trading digital assets. Additional objectives involve powering up the creatures, battling other players, and exploring the virtual world. It’s free to sign up for Illuvium, but you’ll need a crypto wallet and may have to purchase some of the cryptocurrency to start playing.


An emerging platform centered entirely around cryptocurrency and trading, the Bloktopia platform promises real estate, shopping, entertainment and other types of commerce with a virtual skyscraper. Users can buy tokens and NFTs that represent property within the game, then trade or invest these within the economy of this metaverse.