The metaverse, a collective virtual shared space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, is expanding rapidly. With it comes an emerging economy where virtual real estate holds immense value.

So, who are the largest owners in this digital domain?

Let’s delve deeper.

1. **Snoop Dogg:** The rap legend made headlines when he purchased a virtual parcel of land in Decentraland for nearly half a million US dollars (ETH 308) in March 2022. This significant investment puts Snoop Dogg among the top contenders for largest metaverse real estate owners.

2. Quintin Quarantillo: Known as ‘Q’ in the metaverse, Quarantillo is a digital artist and entrepreneur who bought the most expensive piece of virtual real estate ever – 116 parcels in Decentraland – for approximately $4.3 million (ETH 1,657). His grand vision includes creating an art gallery and hosting events.

3. Estée Lauder Companies: This global beauty giant entered the metaverse with a splash in March 2021 by purchasing land in Decentraland for around $3 million (ETH 986) to create a virtual experience center. Their presence showcases how established businesses are expanding their reach into virtual realms.

Why Virtual Real Estate Matters?

Virtual real estate ownership offers various benefits, such as:

Creating unique experiences for users
Building communities and hosting events

Generating revenue through rentals or sales
Gaining exposure and brand recognition


As the metaverse continues to grow, so does the value of virtual real estate. Pioneering investors like Snoop Dogg, Quintin Quarantillo, and Estée Lauder Companies have staked their claims in this digital frontier, demonstrating the vast potential for future developments. Whether it’s a rap legend seeking new creative outlets or a global brand expanding its reach, virtual real estate is an exciting opportunity for exploration and innovation.