„MySnapAir is a helicopter flight service dedicated to bring you the most unique experience you ever had on a flight: As one of very few providers in Europe we have the license to fly without doors. That makes it possible for you to actually sit on the edge, stretching your legs high across the ground while taking in amazing views – and snapping a unique shoe selfie! MySnapAir is developed from photographers for photographers. It is the perfect gift for all the adventurer and photographers out there. “

Our Team

Marko Roth

is a world traveller and an awarded filmmaker with a great passion for aerial photography.

Herrmann Eder
Pilot Of Trust

is a passionated helicopter pilot with lots of experience in the Austrian alps. As a former cinematographer he knows how to get the best shots.

Lukas Schild
Pilot Of Trust

is calling the Austrian alps his home. As an experienced helicopter pilot and a professional skier he knows the most hidden and beautiful spots.

Tim Philippus
Social Media Manager

is a social media addicted travel photographer, always on the hunt for unique perspectives.